Symposium 2018 Recap


The CoopLew Inaugural Chief Diversity Officers Skill-Set Symposium: Finance, Budgeting and Strategic Diversity Fundraising was a huge success! 

Twenty-two chief diversity officers from a variety of colleges and universities joined us on the University of Indianapolis campus for two and one- half days of skill-building on finance, budgeting and strategic diversity. Our accomplished speakers shared insights on how developing critical skills in these areas will enable CDOs to be more effective in demonstrating effective horizontal administration in their universities. We would like to thank our sponsors:  The University of Indianapolis, The Fund Raising School, IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

2018 Symposium Transformative Take-a-ways:

  • CDO’s should make the Chief Financial Officer their best friend at work (Elmira Mangum – Florida A&M University – President Emeritus and Former Vice President for Financial Management at Cornell University)

  • Budget officers may use audits to determine what you do NOT need as opposed to help prove your sense of financial scarcity – use with care! (Ron Huggins – University of Delaware Director of Financial Systems)

  • Alumni are often the most sacred asset for CDOs when garnering support for expanded infrastructure. (Terry Hill – Indiana State University Alumni Relations)

  • Philanthropy, as a skill for CDOs, is the one tool that sets apart the accomplished diversity professional. (Tyrone Freeman – Indiana University School of Philanthropy)

  • CDOs must be skilled to discern between ignorance, bigotry and mis-education. (Leah Smiley, President of Society for Diversity)

  • The transformative diversity officer aligns office initiatives for revenue impact, cost savings and avoidance of waste, and performance of institution-sized metrics. (Sean Huddleston – The University of Indianapolis, CDO)

  • Making the CDO case for fundraising involves developing resolve and strategy to transform the office into a business for pooling interests of unsung stakeholders. (William Lewis – Co-Founder of CoopLew)  

  • We have a design problem that will be solved by a new voice—the Chief Diversity Officer (Robert Manuel, President of University of Indianapolis)

The success of the 2018 Symposium created a demand for a repeat performance on the west coast!  Watch for CoopLew’s announcement for the 2019 Skill-Set Symposium.

Meanwhile, please enjoy pictures from the symposium.