Episode 5: Takeaways and Lessons Learned

The other day I was in the airport, wearing my CoopLew shirt, and a guy asked me what I did. I said, "well, let me tell you a story." Two years ago, Ken Coopwood,Sr.,PhD and I had a conversation about the lived- experiences of Chief Diversity Officers in Higher Education. We were curious to know how our colleagues fared in their roles across the higher education landscape. 

As a result of these conversations we resolved to conducted a national study, called From Their Mouths: The Lived Experiences of Chief Diversity Officers in Higher Education. At the time, Ken and I didn’t have any thoughts about our future work together beyond our study. However, as we were mapping the framework of the study we realized we were on to something. So, we sought out the advice of Bill Harvey, who spent four decades in higher education as a scholar, professor and administrator. Bill is the founding president of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) and he had just retired. So, Bill sat down with us and provided guidance and insight on our research project. From there CoopLew was born (the merger of Ken (Coop) Coopwood and Will (Lew) Lewis. Shortly afterwards, Bill became our strategic advisor, and Pamela Coopwood came on board as our director of events.

Join me and Ken as we discuss the CoopLew Origin Story on Transformative Conversations. In this five part series we will discuss:

Episode 1: What is CoopLew's purpose?
Episode 2: What is the paradigm shift?
Episode 3: What is CoopLew's value proposition?
Episode 4: What is the CoopLew Promise?
Episode 5: What are some key takeaways and lessons learned?