CoopLew FAQs

What is CoopLew?

CoopLew is a consulting, educational, and professional development company founded to advance skill sets of diversity professionals, especially those who work in colleges and universities. We aspire to accelerate CDO executive growth and transformation through professional development, one-on-one coaching and skill set applications. We are a team of former diversity executives, researchers, and scholars with a combined 95+ years of on-the-job experiences. Our work is supported by national leaders and organizations serving higher education and an array of former and current presidents and executives from American higher education institutions.

What is the CoopLew Approach?

The CoopLew approach combines professional development, institutional assessment, and thought leadership to deliver a full-range of services that help the individual diversity professional and his/her institution along a path to transformative diversity leadership. Our approach represents a change of impact from individual CDO experiences to institutional realization of the return on investment in their CDO’s development. Our approach is strengthened by input and support from strategic partners and associates who represent some of the most refined expertise in higher education in recent decades.

What is the CoopLew Vision and Mission?

  • Vision - Lead the next paradigm for transformative diversity leadership

  • Mission - To provide an ongoing menu of services to CDOs in higher education and other sectors, and their organizations, that transform their presence and functionality as 21st century diversity professionals

What is the CoopLew Promise?

CoopLew endeavors are grounded in the “CoopLew Promise”.  This means that clients will be part of a growing network of CoopLew cohorts who are encouraged, offered cross-institutional support, and provided direct contact in times of need. For the CoopLew Founders, it’s an ongoing commitment to educate, support, give voice, and embrace cohort members as they train to boldly shift paradigms for CDO lived-experiences, recognition, reward, retention, and advancement to higher levels of institutional responsibility.

When was CoopLew established?

  • 2016

Who are the founders and owners of CoopLew?

  • Dr. Ken Coopwood, Sr.

  • Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr.

Where is CoopLew based?

  • Winston Salem, North Carolina

What are CoopLew services?  

  • Campus Climate Analysis

    • Qualitative and quantitative research for diversity assessment and infrastructural alignment

  • Career-Advancement Experiences for Seasoned CDOs

    • Exposure to CEO responsibilities by current and past presidents via national symposia

  • Consulting

    • Institutional leadership for diversity administration, strategic plan development, and project management

  • Diversity Audits

    • Campus readiness assessment for diversity leadership and metric achievement utilizing CoopLew’s exclusive approach to major infrastructural components and operational foci

  • Keynote addresses

    • Small or large group presentations, lectures, celebrations and/or observances

  • National Research

    • Empirical observations and thought leadership on the lived experience of chief diversity officers in higher education

    • Diversity scorecards on institutional recruitment, promotion, and retention performance  

  • Novice CDO Boot Camp Experiences

    • Personalized exposure to pre and post hire strategies that help to determine if an institution is a good fit for one’s personal characteristics as well as how to more quickly align workloads with institutional circumstances.

    • Network design and utilization

    • Job-Personality matching for 21st century work-life scenarios

    • Paradigm shifting and executive presence

  • Podcast Interviews

    • National expert testimony, philosophy, and instruction about diversity concerns and CDO performance

  • Skill Set Development Experiences for all CDOs

    • Symposia that are designed to provide in-demand skills to CDOs as gleaned from CoopLew research data

What are CoopLew products?

  • Annual Report

  • Book Chapters

  • Four Pillars of Diversity FrameworkTM  National Articles

  • National Research

  • Transformative Expressions Newsletter

  • Transformative Podcasts

What kind of recognition has CoopLew received?

  • News of CoopLew has spread nationally since our inaugural Boot Camp at the International Civil Rights Museum in 2018. The quality and unique content of each CoopLew activity has fast become a footprint we intend to enlarge for years to come. Our early footprints were made via Boot Camps, webinars, national conference appearances, and national research. We have since extended our footprint via national symposia, institutes, podcasts, media sponsors, and partnerships with national organizations in Washington, DC.

Where has CoopLew held its programs?

  • Greensboro, NC

  • Indianapolis, IN

  • Washington, DC

Who are CoopLew strategic supporters?

  • Academic Search

  • Association of Land-grant and Public Universities

  • Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

  • Society for Diversity

  • University of Indianapolis

Will I get a certificate of completion to include on my resume/vita?

  • Boot Camp participants receive a certificate of completion.

How is CoopLew different from the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education?

CoopLew is a company that provides personalized CDO development based on its national research, whereas NADOHE is a professional membership organization. We focus on enhancing and advancing the CDO lived-experience: the daily impact of job responsibilities and circumstances onto the person. The core of our business is transformative disruption of day-to-day paradigms associated with how CDOs are received by their institutions, valued as skilled leaders and experts, and prepared for higher levels of responsibility.  In pursuit of our mission, we strive to provide an array of research-based professional development experiences that heavily immerse our clients in specific personal and professional CDO skill-set development. CoopLew also provides institution-level consulting and services, but we are not a professional membership organization. Further, although CoopLew targets diversity professionals primarily in higher education, we create cross-sectional experiences that attract diversity professionals in corporate, nonprofit and government sectors as well.

So, does CoopLew see itself as being complementary to NADOHE?

Yes, because CoopLew supports NADOHE in its mission to lead higher education toward inclusive excellence and to be the preeminent voice for diversity officers in higher education. Our activities provide targeted, supplemental development and forges distinguished, cohort-based networks not typically resulting from national conference experiences or via venues focusing on national and broader expectations for CDO performance. Finally, CoopLew is a growing conduit of information regarding the lived experiences of CDOs, which can strengthen and inform NADOHE’s position and work towards producing empirical evidence, influencing policy reform, and broadening networks in higher education.

How are CoopLew’s events different from national conferences?

While national conferences serve a real purpose in the scheme of professional development, they don’t, by nature of the conference, afford personalized attention to attendee lived-experiences and challenges. CoopLew events are designed to connect attendees with others who are in the same stage of development or who have “been-there-done-that” for authentic and bonding exchanges and presentations. Further, our events have elements that can only occur when attendees are paired together after a two-day immersive experience.

CoopLew events require attendees to break down real-life scenarios of diversity work as a cohort.  They address head-on challenges such as the pre-hire discovery process, tactical plans for the first 90-days on board, addressing issues beyond low-hanging fruit, etc. In other CoopLew events, cohorts tackle specific skill sets such as finance, fundraising, metric design, assessment skills, and data management. Moreover, CoopLew events provide direct engagement with former and current presidents and national-level executives for on-the-spot inquiry and exchanges that make for one-of-a-kind experiences and memories. National conferences cannot provide such personalization or direct learning from experts.

Finally, CoopLew expects a commitment to growth and development from its cohort members. We look for active and transformative dialogue, presentations, initiatives, and esprit de corps long after events have concluded. That’s the CoopLew difference, and one way that we fulfill our Promise.

What are the benefits I receive from my investment in a CoopLew event?

CoopLew endeavors to deliver the CoopLew Promise for long-term personal gain and exponential value beyond mere presence at a Boot Camp, Symposium, or Institute. Participation in CoopLew events provides access to any of the following values, and more:

  • 90-day plan for onboarding or functionality transformation

  • Direct contact with current and past university presidents

  • Discounts on future CoopLew events

  • Early exposure to opportunities in higher education and community colleges

  • Hands-on skill set application with national experts

  • National newsletter Transformative Expressions keepsake

  • Opportunities for professional literature contributions

  • Personal and national cohort memberships

  • Opportunity for cohort-based national survey participation

  • Pathways for career advancement

  • Personal mentoring from CoopLew personnel/associates

  • Personal profile development for search advantages as a CoopLew referral

  • Podcast spotlights for transformative innovation on your campus

Who should attend CoopLew events?

CoopLew offers events for diversity professionals of all types, from those who are in the early stages of their career as diversity professionals, to experienced senior-level chief diversity officers. Each event provides specific content relative to where diversity professionals see themselves in the progress of their careers. The grid below helps participants make the decision of which event will provide the most value, based on their specific needs and interests.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 2.00.24 PM.png