CoopLew Transformative Executive Coaching

The CoopLew Transformative Executive Coaching Program is a powerful leadership development that offers one-on-one personal coaching, mastermind leadership groups and leadership primer library. Our programs leverage personal leadership strengths with specific diversity leadership challenges. We are committed to partner with leaders to unlock their full leadership potential-resulting in sustainable performance and improved institutional outcomes.  CoopLew Coaches have “been there, seen that, done that!” We are positioned to help diversity professionals look around corners and peep into the future of their next leadership opportunity!

Executive Presence: One-on-One Coaching

  • Customized One-to-One Coaching

  • Outcome-Based Solutions 

  • Improving Performance

Mastermind: Transformational Leader

  • Solutions and ideas which comes from the group

  • Accountability and real progress in your professional growth

  • An instant and valuable support network 

Leadership Primer: Curated Resources 

  • Curated peer-reviewed and popular articles on leadership topics that diversity officers need to be aware

  • Quarterly 30 minutes Coaching Call