Dr. Coop Selected to the NAER

On 11-9-18 the Association for the Advancement of Educational Research International (AAERI) Board nominated and ratified their vote to select Dr. Ken Coopwood, Sr., as the next Vice President of the National Academy of Educational Research (NAER) for 2019 -2021. The NAER is a division of the AAERI. www.aaer.org

The purpose of the NAER is to promote excellence in educational research through scholarly presentations and exchange at its annual meetings and conferences and through other means that may include but not be limited to publications, the presentation of special reports bearing upon public policy, ethical issues and potential dilemmas of research, special recognition of outstanding educational researchers, and promoting policies for federal and state funding of educational research. 

As NAER Vice President, Dr. Coopwood serves as chair of an active committee and works with the NAER President to maintain an extensive network of individuals who can be recruited for new membership to the AAERI.